Volkan Santorini black beer - 0.33l - Volkan


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Water, Malt Barley, Minced Wheat, Hop, Yeast, Mixture of Santorini Fragrant Honey and Citrus Medica
  • sugarfree
  • vegan
  • vegeterian
  • Santorini

Technical Note: dunkel made using the honey and citrus blending method. This delicious dark grain lager is inspired by the black cliffs of Santorini. The flavour is light, fresh and contrasts with its deep colour.

Service: drink in a wide open glass, enjoy its full aroma, ideal combination with food or after dessert. Ideal at 5 or 6 degrees.

Colour: Head full of dark chocolate, lighter and cleaner than a stout.

Flavour: Light toasted rye and light honey. Next, dried black olives in the sun, a hint of bitter chocolate, licorice, a tasty and lasting palette.

Features: 5% vol