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Greek wines online

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Greek wine: a superb mix of native productions and international vines

Greece has an interesting Greek wine production, though not reaching the levels of neighbouring countries such as Italy and France, that can rely on a high-quality wine production with some truly unique excellences.

The panorama of Greek wines can be divided into productions deriving from international vines, these are the most well-known vines that have been imported and have found a suitable soil for their reproduction and growth. We refer to chardonnay, pinot noir, sauvignon, trebbiano and many more.

On the other hand, in the Greek territory there are several indigenous vines, recent productions that thanks to the flourishing domestic and international market have allowed to safeguard some varieties of Greek vines that would otherwise have disappeared.

Among them you may find the mouhtaro, a red grape that gives a wine with fruity aromas that blend with hints of spices. A real rarity on the international Greek wine panorama produced in limited edition that has won several awards.


Greek wine, Naoussa and Santorini are the finest wine production areas

With regards to Greek wine production, as it is happening almost everywhere on an international level, there is a great deal of ferment also in Greece. Next to the most famous and dated cellars, among which we may mention Gaia and Boutari for example, they are emerging younger but equally qualitative wine realities like Muses Estate.

This phenomenon contributes to profiling a more dynamic and productive panorama of Greek wines, a reality that until recently has been dominated by two principal wine production areas: Naoussa located in the north of the country and Santorini, a volcanic island that does not need particular presentations. To these we must certainly add Nemea, in the Peloponnese, where it produces a particularly aromatic and appreciated red Greek wine made from grapes of the agiorgitiko variety.