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Greek ouzo liquor

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Typical Greek product, ouzo liquor is the drink of the hot Greek summers

Just go around the streets of Athens for a day, especially  in the central area of Plaka right under the Acropolis, to see small tables with portions of mezedes and a bottle of ouzo liquor to accompany them. This is in fact the typical Greek meal during summertime, in the city as well as in the islands.

Drinking ouzo with ice is a rite in Greece, its anise flavour is ideal for refreshing you in the hottest days. Its alcohol content is the perfect detonator to spend a few hours of fun in the company of friends.

Ouzo, however, is not just a drink, it can also be an excellent ingredient for many recipes of the Greek culinary tradition: baked meat, pan fish. Trying ouzo liquor in the kitchen becomes an innovative way to present always new and extremely tasty recipes.


The Greek ouzo brands from the island of Mytilini are PGI products

Its origin and main production area is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, on the island of Mytilini, where the first producers arrived from Asia Minor at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Produced with a clever mix of anise, fennel and wild herbs collected from the island's mountains, ouzo has soon become an icon of Greek lifestyle. A typically Mediterranean lifestyle: relaxed, flavoursome and in company.