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Bonbons Toffee sans sucre au mastic - 200g

Bonbons Toffee sans sucre au mastic - 200g


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"Bonbons Toffee" traditionnels à l'huile de mastic de Chios, sans sucre. 

Composants Nutritionnels

Quantité: 200g

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History: MEDITERRA is a subsidiary of the Chios Mastic Producers Association and has been the primary mechanism for the promotion and marketing of Chios Mastic since its inception in 2002. As part of its role, the company develops combined retail and wholesale activities in Greece and abroad as well as productive activities abroad at the headquarters in Chios. The company's best known activity is the Mastihashop stores, which in the case of Mastix of Chios have offered invaluable advertising services as well as dozens of awards in the company related to idea, brand, packaging and innovation. After long journeys in the largest shopping malls of the Eastern Mediterranean and always flirting with the diversity of its user-friendliness, Mastic received a new identity and was introduced to an audience with ecological concerns and a sensual view of everyday life.

Quantity : 200g

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Bonbons Toffee sans sucre au mastic - 200g
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