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Gentle Shower Gel with Lavender – 250ml

Gentle Shower Gel with Lavender – 250ml


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Product Description

Apivita pharmaceutical shower gel with lavender and olive oil, suitable for sensitive, dry skin. Offers hydration and soothing, without burdening the skin, leaving it soft. Use it for your morning bath to start the day.

Produced with 97% natural ingredients
Immediate itching relief - Mild cleansing - Hydration

Nutritional Components

Lauryl Olivate
Gentle cleansing agents
Lavender extract *
Calendula Extract *
Greek thyme honey
Greek olive oil *
Almond oil
Provitamin B5
Patented infusion of 3 siderite species * (Sideritis Scardica *, Sideritis Perfoliata *, Sideritis Raiseri *)

* From certified organic crops

Useful Information


  • With a combination of mild surfactants that offer gentle cleansing, moisturizing and protective action.
  • Without SLES and soap.
  • With a slightly acidic pH ideal for sensitive skin.
  • With Lauryl Olivate that soothes sensitive skin, relieving symptoms like tingling and itching, enhancing its elasticity.
  • With Greek lavender and calendula extracts, with excellent anti-inflammatory and soothing action.
  • With Greek thyme honey, Greek olive oil, almond oil and panthenol (Provitamin B5) which enhance the hydrolipidic barrier and improve skin moisture levels.
  • With patented infusion of 3 types of siderite * that replaces water and provides extra antioxidant protection.


Quantity: 300 ml

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Gentle Shower Gel with Lavender – 250ml
Gentle Shower Gel with Lavender – 250ml
€10,32 EUR

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