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Greek Coffee Loumidis - 4x490g

Greek Coffee Loumidis - 4x490g


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Product Description

Loumidis Greek Coffee brings the traditional taste of Greece to your kitchen. Enjoy the robust, full-flavored taste of classic Greek coffee in one easy step. This bundle includes four packages of 490g ground coffee - enough for about 60 full-bodied cups each. Savor the flavor of Greece every day.

Nutritional Components


  • Greek ground coffee 100%

Nutritional Declaration

  • The Greek coffee on its own, without the addition of other sweeteners, has almost zero calories, as one cup of coffee yields only 1 calorie.


  • 4x490g
  • Approx. total 2000g

Useful Information

Make the Perfect Greek Coffee your grandma used to make yourself:

  1. Pour water into the briki using coffee cups to measure quantity.
  2. Before the water starts boiling add one teaspoon of Loumidis Coffee for each cup.
  3. When the water slightly begins to boil stir the mix and turn off the fire.
  4. Pour the hot mix into the small cups and allow the coffee to settle down.
  5. Enjoy!
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Greek Coffee Loumidis - 4x490g
Greek Coffee Loumidis - 4x490g
€54,45 EUR

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