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Elma Classic mastic gum - 20x13g

Elma Classic mastic gum - 20x13g


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Product Description

  • ELMA mastic chewing gum is natural and its production is made with the purest ingredients.
  • The unique aroma of Mastic gives way to discreet taste, as no artificial aroma has been added.

Take advantage of the 20pack offer to have always your favourite gum with you, in your bag, in your car or in your office!

Nutritional Components

Sugar, Gum base (antioxidant: tocopherol rich extract), glucose syrup, chios mastic (5%), Humectant (glycerin), Flavouring (Chios mastic oil, menthol), Thickener (gum arabic), Colour (titanium dioxide), Glazing agent (camauba wax). It may contain traces of soy.

Useful Information

The natural features of the ELMA chewing gum are almost unchanged since artificial sweeteners or antioxidants are not used for its production. Those particular characteristics, as well as its consistency, really attest to its total naturalness.

Quantity : 20x13g

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Elma Classic mastic gum - 20x13g
€27,80 EUR

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