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Soap with chamomile - 100g

Soap with chamomile - 100g


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Product Description

Natural Greek handmade glycerin soap with Chios mastic, chamomile and oat milk, suitable for sensitive skin.

Nutritional Components

Water, glycerol, natural Chios mastic, chamomile.

Useful Information

History: MEDITERRA is a subsidiary of the Chios Mastic Producers Association and has been the main mechanism for the promotion and marketing of Chios Mastic since its inception in 2002. The company's best known activity is the Mastihashop stores, which in the case of Mastix of Chios have offered invaluable advertising services as well as dozens of awards in the company related to idea, brand, packaging and innovation. Starting with Chios, the global and exclusive home of Mastix, Mastihashops revitalized old and created new collaborations that turned products from all the countries Mastix traveled to into cultural assets with a history that was lost in the depths of the centuries.

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Soap with chamomile - 100g
Soap with chamomile - 100g
€5,31 EUR

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