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Strifti Spanakopita with mizithra - 1kg

Strifti Spanakopita with mizithra - 1kg

Greek Flavours

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Product Description

A traditional pie that all the Greek grandmothers prepare for their families. Following their recipe, we are delivering it to you ready to bake it and enjoy it. It is made by a rolled sheet of phyllo dough with a tasty spinach and mizithra filling inside. The combination of spinach and mizithra leads to a fresh and delicious result, ideal for every time of the day! It can even be a tasty breakfast, a healthy snack for work or the main course accompanied with some olives. It is also the ideal pie to brighten your evenings with friends and family!


Nutritional Components

Dough 50%: wheat flour, water, non hydrogenated fats and oils, corn starch, cooking salt, sugar. Filling 40%: spinach 54%, whey cheese mizithra 19%, onion, leek, wheat semolina, vegetable fats and oils, cooking salt, modified potato starch, dill, black pepper.

Useful Information

Important note on Frozen goods: All the precautions that are taken in the preparation of shipments of refrigerated products are aimed at a correct purchasing experience on European territory. However, when refrigerated shipments take place outside Europe, it is more difficult to guarantee 100% correct temperature maintenance of the products. In any case, we recommend consuming refrigerated products on the day of delivery or in the hours immediately following.

Cooking time: 45'

Cooking temperature: 180°C

Net weight: 1000g

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Strifti Spanakopita with mizithra - 1kg
€13,99 EUR

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