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Vergina beer can - 6x330ml

Vergina beer can - 6x330ml


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Vergina Beer by Macedonian Thrace brewery is a very special beer made of 100% pure Thracian malt. It is a premium lager beer that everyone in Northern Greece-and not only-loves! It is a light and refreshing beer with 5% alcohol volume. Try serving this beer in a tall, frozen glass and its exceptional taste will surprise you! Also, you can pair Vergina with meat, fish and cheese, as most of the lager beers, but it is also a great pair for most of the traditional Greek recipes!

Try this refreshing beer in the 6-pack offer and you will want to enjoy it again and again!

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Quantity : 6x330ml

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Vergina beer can - 6x330ml
Vergina beer can - 6x330ml
€14,95 EUR

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