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Carrot Breadsticks - 500g

Carrot Breadsticks - 500g

Greek Flavours

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Product Description

Indulge in a delectable vegetable-infused treat - Carrot Breadsticks! Crafted from a traditional Greek recipe, these light and flavourful breadsticks are amplified with the goodness of carrots for an extra tasty kick. Baked with home-style production, these snacks are sure to please!

Nutritional Components

  • Freshly made Carrot Breadsticks with a strong carrot flavor.
  • Hand-made with the best products of the Greek tradition and oven-baked.
  • Quantity: 500g

Useful Information

These special breadsticks are made with grated carrots, which, when combined with cheese dips, can create a unique combination of sweet and salty.

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