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Pastourmadopitakia - 350g

Pastourmadopitakia - 350g


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Product Description

Pastourmadopitakia are small triangles made of phyllo dough with a juicy and delicious filling of cheese, tomato and pastourma (pastrami). The unique taste of pastourma combined with the sweetness of the phyllo dough and the salty character of the cheese, make the pastourmadopitakia a feast of tastes in your mouth! They are ready to bake in the oven or fryer, so it is an easy and delicious solution for your table or to have as a snack!


Useful Information

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, vegetable oils and fats, sunflower oil, tomato, semi-hard gouda cheese, Armenian pasturma, salt, garlic, rye, spices, semolina.
Quantity: 350g

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Pastourmadopitakia - 350g
Pastourmadopitakia - 350g
€15,28 EUR

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