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Whole pastourmas - 1kg to 1.5kg

Whole pastourmas - 1kg to 1.5kg


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Pastourmas (or Pastrami) is a cold cut meat that everyone loves! It was brought to Greece by the refugees of Minor Asia in 1922 and since then, it has become a tradition. It's basically air pressed beef meat, covered with salt so it can be pasteurized. In the last part of its' preparation process, it is covered on the outside by a thick red paste made of tasty spices like garlic, cumin and paprika, and then begins the smoking process, where it takes this dark burgundy color. It is the perfect cold cut to use for your ‘mezedes’ for tsipouro and ouzo, but not only! You can also make the famous ‘Pastourmadopita’, which means pastrami pie, mixing it with cheese and vegetables of your choice! No matter how you consume it, it will definitely steal the show on your table with its' exceptional taste and look! *The weight of each piece may vary in the range of 1 to 1.5kg

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Quantity : 1-1.5kg

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Whole pastourmas - 1kg to 1.5kg
Whole pastourmas - 1kg to 1.5kg
€93,22 EUR

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