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Greek traditional cuisine

Thanks to the support of numerous collaborators, both Greek and international food bloggers, in love with the Greek traditional cuisine, GreekFlavours offers a choice of Greek recipes and Greek traditional dishes easy to prepare.

The traditional Greek dishes base their success on the raw materials used

Greece is renowned all over the world for some ingredients that are born in the Greek territory but when it comes to their uses  they have no geographical boundaries. Greek olives, extra virgin olive oil, feta cheese or Greek yogurt, just to name a few, are among the most used products by all those who love a balanced and tasty cuisine.

The traditional Greek dishes are closely linked to the raw materials found in the country, the Greek Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular food regimes of the international scene. In fact, Greek cuisine is able to perfectly combine tasteful recipes with body wellbeing.

This balance has few rivals in the various kitchens around the world.


The Greek traditional cuisine is undergoing a strong transformation

As is the case everywhere, new chefs are entering the Greek culinary scene. These young chefs have the gift of succeeding in bringing innovation into a kitchen that has always been seen predominantly linked to family traditions.

Greek products are always the main inspiration for "new" traditional Greek dishes ... it could not have been differently given to the country's productive wealth.

Traditional dishes such as moussaka, spanakopita, tzatziki are often proposed according to innovative recipes in unconventional presentations.