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The culinary tradition of Greece has solid and perennial foundations, roots based on a rich soil which for centuries has been a point of reference for our people. Although Greece is an island country surrounded by the sea, Greek cuisine has always had the land as its main source of inspiration.

Dishes based on meat and vegetables, baked goods and pasta, pure and simple ingredients that in clever combinations can highlight the flavors. The Greek tradition and the land are perfectly reflected in these masterpieces that are still produced today mainly in family businesses. Each product is born from a traditional recipe which, through a more modern look, but always based on original ingredients and raw materials, comes to cover the trends in the era of modern cuisine.

This is the secret of modern Greek cuisine. It is based on centuries-old traditions, creativity, renewal and the right combination of these characteristics alongside the perfection of Mediterranean cuisine. In the same way, the right combination of "health" and taste is the basis of the Mediterranean diet. Foods that are healthy and of high nutritional value, but above all extremely tasty. The Greek Mediterranean diet has this as its basic principle. Greece, cradle of civilization, is not only a country bathed in light and full of archaeological monuments, but is also rich in biodiversity.

Olive groves, green meadows, forests, islands, alternate in every latitude. In Greece, people like to enjoy delicious food with friends and family. In the world of GREEKFLAVOURS you will find the widest range of traditional products, all 100% from Greece. These are excellent and healthy products, basic elements of a healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet.