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Fresh Traditional Tsoureki - 600g

Greek Flavours


All the Greek tradition in just one bite! The beloved Tsoureki is by far the most favorite sweet bread of all Greeks. By tradition, all the grandmothers and mothers bake Tsoureki for Christmas and Easter, but it is so delicious that nowadays they make it all the time

Our Tsoureki is carefully made, it is a deliciously soft and sweetly leavened bread similar to brioche or challah but with a distinctive flavor and amazing aromas due to the Mahlepi it contains. 

You can consume it as a sweet delight, you can accompany your Greek coffee with it or spread some butter and Greek honey on top of 2 slices of Tsoureki and you'll have a unique and rich breakfast!


The 600g format makes it a great dessert for meetings, a must during the holidays and all year round!

machete, mastic, sugar, milk, dry yeast, hard flour, orange, eggs

Content: Freshly made traditional sweets. Authentic taste - made with the best products of the Greek tradition. Baked fresh from the oven, the Greek favorites.

Quantity: 600g

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