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Tagliatelle with shellfish - 360g



From the mountains to the sea the distance in Greece is almost always a short way and above all a really pleasant one with stunning scenery and steep streets leading down along the coasts. Dolopia thanks to the tagliatelle with shellfish and ancient flour transforms this trip in a very high quality culinary proposal. The village of Omvriakos is only a few kilometers from the famous Thermopylae, all the fish and shellfish used in this pasta is caught from the sea right in front of the Leonidas statue. All the other materials used in the preparation of this pasta are coming from the Omvriakos valley, from a km 0 process, ingredients grown in an internal and uncontaminated region of the Greece.

Mavragani Wheat Flour, Milk, Salt, Shellfish Sauce

The tagliatelle are produced using the white mavraganis flour, an ancient flour produced exclusively in the Omvriakos valley. Nowadays it has become an ingredient increasingly difficult and rare to find, there are only a few remaining mills that produce this type of easily digestible flour. The aroma of fresh seafood caught in the sea off the famous Thermopylae, a few kilometers away from the small Dolopia workshop. The Aegean Sea after having hidden itself behind the island of Evia becomes, at that point, an open sea and one of the most productive fishing areas in all Greece. The dough contains no salt, there is no need to add it since the flavours of the sea and flour are sufficient to support in an appropriate and balanced manner the preparation.

Quantity: 360g

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