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Traditional Kourabiedes - 1kg

Traditional Kourabiedes - 1kg

Greek Flavours

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Fresh kourabiedes with almond and butter, sprinkled with icing sugar, a must-have of Greek origin during Christmas time. Sweet and crumbly, with crunchy toasted almonds and sugar topping that melts in your mouth, these delicious snow balls make the perfect decoration for the festive table. We bring fresh Kourabiedes to you, from the bakery to your house, so you can treat your guests or offer it to your friends and relatives as a holiday present.

Useful Information

Ingredients: flour, butter, sheep butter, icing sugar, vanilla powder, bitter almond liqueur, almond slivers, rosewater
Quantity: 1kg

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Traditional Kourabiedes - 1kg
Traditional Kourabiedes - 1kg
€22,95 EUR

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