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Amfissa black olives - 250g

Amfissa black olives - 250g


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The Amfissa black olives are exquisite medium-sized meal olives, with an extremely juicy black flesh.

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History: ILIDA SA has been processing and marketing table olives since 1965, initially as a sole proprietorship and later in its current form as an SA company. With more than 50 years of experience and continuous presence in the Greek and international market, ILIDA S.A. among the oldest family businesses in Greece.
The history of the olive begins 7000 years ago and is intertwined with the life of the Mediterranean people, their daily life and their habits. Historians consider the Mediterranean basin to be the place where olive trees first appeared. Today the cultivation of olive trees is widespread throughout the Mediterranean, and the consumption of fruits is a staple of the Mediterranean diet. The olive tree loves the sea and the sun of the Mediterranean, also grows on poor soils and is extremely drought-resistant. Young olive trees need the care of the growers and begin to bear fruit at the age of 7. They reach maturity between 30 and 70 years. The expected lifespan of an olive tree is 300 to 600 years, but all over the world there are olive trees that are more than 1000 years old. In the Mediterranean area, olive trees bloom in late spring, while the olive harvest begins in late September and ends in February depending on the olive variety.

The harvest: Amfissa olives are harvested between the end of October and the first days of February, when the fruits are almost fully ripe. Naturally hardened with salt, they get a black / brown color. In different forms: whole, whole, cut, paste.Quantity: 250g

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Amfissa black olives - 250g
Amfissa black olives - 250g
€5,99 EUR

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