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Tzatziki Sauce - 250g

Tzatziki Sauce - 250g

Greek Flavours

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Product Description

Tzatziki sauce is a synonym of Greek tradition! It is worldwide known, mostly because it is one of the main ingredients of the Greek Souvlaki. It is made from yoghurt, grated cucumber, fresh garlic, vinegar and olive oil. The result is a fresh and delicious sauce, ideal to accompany with it every meal you can imagine! The best pairing for Tzatziki, though, is Greek pita and lamb, especially during the Easter season. In the summer, you can accompany your tsipouro or ouzo with some fresh bread and spread some tzatziki on it, combination that will take your mind immediately to a Greek island!

Useful Information

Ingredients: 30% Fresh Cow Yogurt, 30% Fresh Cucumbers, Milk , Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, 3% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Modified Starch (Contains Gluten), Dill, Spices.

Quantity : 250g

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Tzatziki Sauce - 250g
Tzatziki Sauce - 250g
€4,99 EUR

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