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Organic goat kefir - 4x250ml

Organic goat kefir - 4x250ml


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Product Description

Veloudo organic kefir, with 4,5% fats, is produced with 100% organic goat's milk according to the traditional process and this gives it an incomparable taste and superior quality. It undergoes natural fermentation, improving its digestibility and therefore making it suitable for those with intolerances to milk and lactose. In fact, kefir contributes to a better treatment of intestinal and stomach disorders, ulcers, indigestion, constipation, cholesterol while detoxifying the body. It also protects the immune system, has an antimicrobial effect and helps control body weight as it stimulates the metabolism. Take advantage of the offer of 4 packs of 250ml Veloudo organic kefir.

Useful Information

Quantity: 4x250ml
Ingredients: Pasteurized whole Greek goat's MILK (Product of organic cultivation), kefir culture
Nutritional Values: Energy: 325 kJ / 78 kcal - Fat: 4,5g - Saturated: 2,1g - Carbohydrates: 5,8g - Sugars: 5,8g - Proteins: 3,5g - Salt: 0,1g

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Organic goat kefir - 4x250ml
Organic goat kefir - 4x250ml
€13,95 EUR

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