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Organic purple potatoes - 1kg

Organic purple potatoes - 1kg


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The Organic Purple Potatoes is one of the most unique vegetables you can find! They are of course cultivated in the rich Greek soil, making them even more exquisite. The purple potatoes have up to 10 times more antioxidants than the normal potatoes and they also keep their all their nutrients even after cooking! Their taste is slightly sweeter than the traditional potatoes and reminds of chestnut. They are the ideal potatoes to make puree, mashed potatoes, soups but they are also delicious when fried! Try slicing them into very thin slices and frying them to have your own homemade chips!

Useful Information

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT WEIGHT: All produce is subject to normal weight fluctuation due to the laws of nature. Sometimes they grow bigger and sometimes smaller, especially since they are organic products. When preparing your orders we always try to respect the indicated weight, however there may be a difference from time to time usually in the order of + or - 10%.

Weight: 1kg

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Organic purple potatoes - 1kg
Organic purple potatoes - 1kg
€12,90 EUR

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