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Cretan raki Haraki - 500ml

Cretan raki Haraki - 500ml


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Cretan raki Haraki offers a classic raki with an excellent taste, made from the finest grape variety in Crete, a region famous for its strong tradition in this type of beverage. With an unmistakable flavor and a famous brand name, it's the perfect choice for any gathering, enjoyed in the company of friends.

Useful Information

Characteristics: The production of Tsikoudia takes place in Prinias Maleviziou, where thanks to the altitude (700 m) and the ideal subsoil, the grape varieties with special taste and aroma are produced.

Culinary tip: It is served as an aperitif, but also as a digestif at the end of the meal. Accompanies starters of the Greek cuisine, such as squid vinegar, fried squid, olives, rusks with tomatoes and cucumber, dako salad or cheese.

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Cretan raki Haraki - 500ml
Cretan raki Haraki - 500ml
€19,00 EUR

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