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GIFT PACK - Bee Calm - Symbeeosis

GIFT PACK - Bee Calm - Symbeeosis


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Product Description

Treat your family and friends to the Bee Calm Gift Pack from Symbeeosis. Let them feel relaxed with a hot cup of Organic Mountain Tea with Lavender. To make the experience even more enjoyable, add some Symbeeosis Organic Thyme Honey for a sweet touch.

Suitable for the environment, the tinplate packaging is both recyclable and reusable, while the Honey's jar is made from glass, allowing for quick removal of the label. Post-use, it can be recycled or reused as a container for herbs, nuts, and seeds, or alternatively as a pencil case.


  • Greek Organic Mountain Tea and Lavender - Symbeeosis
  • Greek Organic Thyme Honey - Symbeeosis

Useful Information

Naturally caffeine-freeHot beverage: Heat 250 ml water to 95°C. Steep the pyramid for 3-5 minutes. Ideally, cover the cup to preserve the tea’s aromas and active ingredients. Then remove the pyramid and, if you wish, add Symbeeosis honey or stevia.   

Cold beverage: Prepare like a hot beverage but with half the water, then add cold water or ice.

Tip: To make your beverage stronger, use less water per pyramid. To make it lighter, use more.

  • 17Organic
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GIFT PACK - Bee Calm - Symbeeosis
GIFT PACK - Bee Calm - Symbeeosis
€42,90 EUR

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