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Retsina Wine Kourtaki - 6x750ml

Retsina Wine Kourtaki - 6x750ml


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Product Description

Retsina Kourtaki is one of the most famous Retsinas in the world, not only because of its emblematic label, but also for its impeccable taste! It is the traditional Athenian Retsina, from the variety Savatiano. It has a subtle pine resin taste combined with fruity notes and long lasting aftertaste. The clear color of this Retsina makes it an impressive choice to serve on your dinner table and treat your friends and family! Take advantage of the 6 bottles pack, to enjoy this amazing Retsina again and again!

Nutritional Components

Variety Identity

  • Dry White Wine
  • Retsina is produced by the addition of the natural resin extracted from aleppo pine during fermentation of white wines.
  • The main grape variety used in the production is Savatiano.
  • Medium Body and Moderate Acidity

Nutritional Declaration

  • Contains Sulfites
  • Vol: 12%


  • 6x750ml
  • Approx. total 9000g

Useful Information

Vasilis Kourtakis, was the first to produce retsina on a large scale in 1895. He was one of the first among Greeks to formally study oenology as he shipped in bulk to tavernas throughout Greece. Thus, Kourtaki Retsina Of Attica was born.

Kourtaki Retsina Of Attica is dry, fragrant with lemon preserve, cedar, herbal and piney flavors on the palate. It is best paired with mezes by the sea, especially grilled octopus, pan-fried saganaki cheese or taramosalata with black olives, tomatoes and cucumber slices. Retsina has been made in Greece for more than 2000 years.

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Retsina Wine Kourtaki - 6x750ml
Retsina Wine Kourtaki - 6x750ml
€41,90 EUR

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