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Kritharaki Manestra - 500g

Kritharaki Manestra - 500g


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Kritharaki Manestra is one of the most traditional pasta of Greece. The reason is that it is a must ingredient for one of the most loved Greek recipes, the Giouvetsi. Giouvetsi is basically kritharaki with meat and tomato sauce in the oven, it is a food that all the Greek households have very often, especially in the winter. Also, Kritharaki Manestra is used for making soups with vegetables and/or chicken broth. Try adding this piece of Greek tradition at your plate and be creative with different recipes!

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Quantity: 500g

  • 14Peloponnese
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Kritharaki Manestra - 500g
Kritharaki Manestra - 500g
€4,49 EUR

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