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Lemon salt flakes - 100g

Lemon salt flakes - 100g

Salt Odyssey

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Product Description

Messolonghi Sea salt flakes with Lemon is a product made exclusively with natural ingredients and it contains sea salt, lemon zest from Greek lemons and mustard. All these ingredients mix up and give an exquisite taste that can be paired with a lot of meals. With these flakes you can season meat, fish or potatoes but you can also use it to decorate your plate and impress all your guests, in a healthy and tasty way!

Nutritional Components

100% Messolonghi sea salt, lemon zest, mustard, natural lemon flavor

Useful Information

Quantity: 100g

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Lemon salt flakes - 100g
Lemon salt flakes - 100g
€4,99 EUR

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