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Organic saffron powder - 4 x 0.25g

Organic saffron powder - 4 x 0.25g

Krokos Kozanis

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Directly from the fields of the Kozani Saffron Producers Cooperative, the biological saffron powder is extremely tasty and convenient to use. The deep purple flowers of saffron grow colourful and lush in the fields of northern Greece, where the cool and temperate climate helps develop their unique fragrance.

Just soak the powder in warm water for a few seconds, or add it directly in the sauce you are preparing. The practical package with 4 sachets garantees an easier use and is convenient to store.

Nutritional Components

Powder of Organic Saffron

Useful Information

The organic saffron from Kozani has gained the PDO recognition thanks to the close bond with the land in which it grows.

Only the Kozani Saffron Producers Cooperative is authorised to collect this spice, so requested and praised all over the world; a symbol of both fusion and elite cuisine. The greek saffron is recognized as one of the best qualities in the world, it is an extremely sought-after product and it is characterized by a deep red colour and a unique aroma.

The entire production process is accurately controlled in every detail by the more than 1,000 members of the cooperative.

Quantity : 4 x 0,25g

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Organic saffron powder - 4 x 0.25g
Organic saffron powder - 4 x 0.25g
€7,95 EUR

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