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Ouzo 12 - 3x700ml

Ouzo 12 - 3x700ml


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Product Description

Ouzo 12 is an excellent Greek spirit made using traditional techniques to ensure the distinct anise-round taste. This special offer includes three 700ml bottles, a great way to savor this unique flavor. Enjoy one of the best tasting ouzos in Greece and one of the most popular in the world.

Nutritional Components

Variety Identity

  • Anise-flavored
  • Made by double distilling grape alcohol with cardamom, anise, cinnamon, coriander and nutmeg.
  • 100% Distillation
  • Vol: 40%


  • 3x700ml
  • Approx. total 5760g

Useful Information

Since its inception in Constantinople in 1880, Ouzo 12 has maintained the same recipe and flavor that has ranked it as the world’s number one ouzo, according to the company's official website. It has a natural taste that derives exclusively from distilled seeds, specifically fennel, natural star anise and anise seeds. The name originates in 1880, at the Kaloyannis Distillery, from "Barrel No.12" and the brand's main purpose is to continue promoting "the soul of Greece" to the world.

This popular, unaged ouzo is crystal clear that turns milky grey-white when water is added. It smells like clean fennel, liquorice and aniseed with subtle spice aromas. It has a long finish and a sweet hint, classifying it has a drink with rich taste and delicate aroma. Perfect for accompanying it with mezedes and good company.

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Ouzo 12 - 3x700ml
Ouzo 12 - 3x700ml
€59,70 EUR

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