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Ouzo Plomari - 200ml

Ouzo Plomari - 200ml


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Greece's most wanted ouzo, directly at your place!

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Ouzo 40% vol

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History: The home of Ouzo, Plomari. The island of Lesbos and Plomari in particular have a long tradition of making ouzo. Ouzo was made by Greek families in the 19th century and is still distilled the same traditional way. It is no coincidence that Plomari is considered the home of ouzo. Isidoros Arvanitis was a tenacious and perfectionist Plomarite who had a vision of creating ouzo that would stand out from the rest and become famous in Greece and around the world. In 1894 he began looking for the ideal ingredients that would help him find the perfect recipe. Thanks to this valuable taste balance, they achieve something. The most exquisite drinks with a name of origin, the ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitos, gained love and the first place in the preferences of the Greeks, but also became famous in all parts of the world, making Isidoros Arvanitis' vision a reality.

Quantity: 200ml

Vol: 40%

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Ouzo Plomari - 200ml
Ouzo Plomari - 200ml
€8,90 EUR

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