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Pure carbonated water with mastic - 330ml

Pure carbonated water with mastic - 330ml


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Pure carbonated water with Chios mastic, known from the depths of the centuries for its beneficial properties. A glass of cool Mastiqua causes an unexpected shock of freshness but also soothes the stomach after a meal.

Nutritional Components

Naturally flavored mastic water

Useful Information

History: Mastic is associated with Chios. A cosmopolitan Greek island, a Byzantine monopoly often threatened by pirates. It flourished among the Ionians and was fought over by the Genoese and Venetians. Since the handover to the Ottomans, it has always been the task of the mastiha collectors from Chios to collect the precious resin tears from the tree, which arise after gently scratching the trunk. The same traditional collection method is still used today in each of the 24 medieval villages of Chios, inherited by future generations. Naturally flavored mastic water is a product of the distillation of pure mastic with steam. It brings all of the unique and beneficial properties of mastic into delicious mastic. The combination of mastic with water is said to have started four millennia ago in ancient Egypt, where they used this simple but enchanting idea to purify drinking water and make it pleasant to drink. Mastic is a natural aromatic crystallized resin that has always been revered for its healing properties. It was used in beauty products in ancient times, in botanical studies of medicinal treatments by Dioscourides and Hippocrates.

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Pure carbonated water with mastic - 330ml
Pure carbonated water with mastic - 330ml
€4,29 EUR

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