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Sokofreta Dark Chocolate - 20x38g

Sokofreta Dark Chocolate - 20x38g


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Product Description

Sokofreta dark chocolate wafer bar is one of the most famous and iconic sweet snacks of Greece! It is very tasty and easy to carry with you in your bag so you can enjoy it anytime. It is a crunchy wafer sandwich with dark chocolate cream in the middle, and covered with a rich layer of delicious dark chocolate. It is the best dessert to eat after a quick lunch at work or a snack for your sweet cravings! Take advantage of the pack of 20 Sokofretas to make sure that you will always have your favourite snack with you!

Nutritional Components

Milk chocolate 29% (sugar, cocoa butter, powdered milk, mass cocoa, emulsifier: soy lecithin, aroma: vanillin), sugar, vegetable oils (palm oil, 10%, coconut oil)), Almonds , Acidifying agent: Citric acid, Swelling agent: Sodium hydrocarbonate, Emulsifiers: Soy lecithin, Mono and Di-glycerides of oily fat, Taste: Vanillin. May contain traces of other nuts.

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Quantity: 20x38g

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Sokofreta Dark Chocolate - 20x38g
Sokofreta Dark Chocolate - 20x38g
€18,95 EUR

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