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Traditional Karidopita - 1200g

Traditional Karidopita - 1200g

Greek Flavours

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Product Description

The Greek Karidopita (walnut pie) is made fresh and shipped a few hours later from a Greek bakery at your place! Traditional Karidopita is made with superfood walnuts and is a dessert that goes back to a time when people made recipes with the food they had in their pantry making it light and healthy. Karidopita is rich enough in flavors and spice for the holidays as the cake is dark, dense and aromatic. While delicious without its honeyed syrup, its flavors are elevated when soaked in spiced delight.

Useful Information

Pairings: Whipped cream is a great pie topping, as it doesn’t take away from the walnut pie. You may also want to consider using a fresh scoop of French vanilla ice cream to go on top of the pie.

Quantity: 1200g

Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, glucose, water, corn starch, egg, milk, milk powder, cottonseed oil, polydextrose, salt, cloves, cinnamon, walnut.

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Traditional Karidopita - 1200g
Traditional Karidopita - 1200g
€21,95 EUR

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