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Red Mavrotragano Santorini PDO 750ml - Argyros Estate

Red Mavrotragano Santorini PDO 750ml - Argyros Estate

Argyros Estate

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Product Description

Mavrotragano is a rare red wine variety from the famous island of Santorini. This PDO wine is 100% Mavrotragano, with a vibrant red color, aromas from blackcurrant and cherry, balanced with a long and pleasant aftertaste. Pair this special wine with pasta or red meat and some light sauce.

Nutritional Components

Variety: Mavrotragano 100%

Type: Dry Red

Volume: 14%

Quantity: 750ml

Useful Information

This special wine from Mavrotragano, one of the rarest and oldest varieties of Santorini, has been created for over a decade. Aging for 12 months in 500L French oak barrels, this wine has a bright red color, with aromas of sour cherry, gooseberry and other spices. Body rich, round tannins and acidity, with an incomparable balance between strength and finesse. It can age for 12 to 14 years.

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