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Retsina Malamatina 3L + Red Wine Jug 500ml - Bundle

Retsina Malamatina 3L + Red Wine Jug 500ml - Bundle

Greek Flavours

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Product Description

Elevate your Greek-style gatherings with our Retsina Malamatina 3L and Red Wine Jug 500ml Bundle. Pour Greece's most popular retsina wine in this aluminium wine jug to keep it cold while enjoying quality time with friends and family. The authentic Greek experience is here!

Nutritional Components

  • Malamatina retsina - 3L
  • Red Aluminum Wine Jug - 500ml

Useful Information

Featuring a 3L saving pack with doser tap, this bundel is perfect for throwing a real Greek party at home. Pairing the fun white wine with the sleekness of aluminum can create a visually striking presentation while honoring the traditional Greek way of celebrating any occasion. It's a unique take on a classic beverage like retsina, perfect for those who appreciate both style, practicality and keeping traditions alive.

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