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Cretan paximadia with EVOO - 600g

Manna Crete


Thanks to GreekFlavours, you can receive all the traditional Greek rusks directly to your home. Order now and receive your favourite products in just 48 hours, buy online Greek bakery products and receive them at your place in just one click.


Almost every village in Greece has its own bakery from which early in the morning perfumes and fragrances spread all over the houses to wish a nice day to the inhabitants. But if there is an area that more than any other represents the Greek culinary culture for bakery products such as Greek rusks this is certainly the island of Crete.

In Iráklion and Hania there are a multitude of bakeries, more or less family-run, more or less industrial, which produce a great deal Greek rusks every day.

Try them to believe: the famous Cretan Dakos is perhaps the icon of this type of product, a crouton covered with fresh vegetables and cheese, simply ask for more!


Online sale of Greek rusks, at your home in just 48 hours

Greek rusks are many and all good: paximadakia, dakos and many others. All available in their basic recipe but also with all the flavourings that the Mediterranean biodiversity offers. Tomato, oregano, extra virgin olive oil and of course olives.

All of these and many other Greek rusks are within the wide range of products GreekFlavours offers you.

Do you want to discover all the greek delicatessen?

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