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Mamos Beers - 24x500ml

Athenian Brewery


Mamos beer is the most historic Greek beer. It dates back to 1876, when a certified brewer created the recipe for an exquisite beer and then the production in the city of Patras. It’s a pilsner beer, characterized by its' full-bodied taste and the intense aroma of hop, one of its' main ingredients. To this day, the original recipe is followed to produce this beer, giving it an extra special taste compared with no other. It's ideal to enjoy accompanied by some ‘mezedes’ and good company! 


Enjoy the 24pack of Mamos glass bottles to drink beer in its’ purest form: in a glass bottle!

Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast.

Capacity: 24 x 500ml

Alcohol content: 5% Vol

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