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Eza alcohol-free beer - 330ml

Eza alcohol-free beer - 330ml


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Product Description

Eza Alcohol Free is a beer that retains the taste and enjoyment of a real beer but does not contain alcohol. It is a refreshing proposition of beer that “lacks nothing” except alcohol. Α beer that can be enjoyed in any situation, especially since it has only 19 calories per 100 ml, almost lower than any other alcoholic beverage. You will be impressed by this beer because the pure ingredients used for its production generate an amazing result! You can enjoy it every time of the day, for a refreshing break from the hot summer days, without the consequences of alcohol!

Nutritional Components

Barley malt, hops, yeast, water.

Useful Information

Quality : Eza is produced from premium quality raw materials and from the Artesian water of Parnassos, always with care and passion.

Food Pairing : vegetables, salads, light meats.

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Eza alcohol-free beer - 330ml
Eza alcohol-free beer - 330ml
€3,39 EUR

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