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Organic Cretan tomatoes - 1kg

Organic Cretan tomatoes - 1kg


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Product Description

The BIO organic Crete tomatoes are famous all over the world for being extremely juicy and tasty. At their peak of maturity the skin detaches easily from the pulp.
In Greek cuisine they are mainly used in salads, for example to prepare the delicious dakos recipe or the classic Greek saladCrete is blessed by nature with fertile grounds and mild weather full of sunlight and anybody can feel it just by smelling the Cretan tomatoes. Imagine tasting them!

Useful Information

BIO Cretan tomatoes are the key ingredient to recreate the traditional Greek dishes we all adore 

  • Cretan dakos: tomato, feta, olive oil, olives on a crispy rusk
  • Greek salad: another all time classic plate
  • Gemista: the famous traditional meal is perfect with the right vegetables!
  • Sauces: try fresh Cretan tomato and take your home cooking to the next level

Weight: 1kg

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Organic Cretan tomatoes - 1kg
Organic Cretan tomatoes - 1kg
€10,90 EUR

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