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Cretan Dakos Bundle

Cretan Dakos Bundle

Greek Flavours

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Product Description

The Cretan Dakos Bundle has all you need to whip up a classic, traditional dish with ease. Just add a few personal touches to create a personalised dish - perfect for a dinner party or family gathering. Get all the essential ingredients for a perfect dakos with one click.

Nutritional Components


  • 1 × Cretan grated Xinomizithra PDO - 350g
  • 1 × Cretan dakos PGI - 500g
  • Organic Cretan tomatoes - 1kg
  • 1 × Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 400ml


  • Approx. total 2000g

Useful Information

Dakos is a traditional Cretan meze (appetizer), also referred to as “Cretan rusk salad”. It has its roots in Crete where hard, dry barley rusks were mostly consumed by sailors and farmers due to their long shelf life. As time passed, local folk began to moisten these rusks with water or olive oil, topping them with fresh ingredients. This led to the creation of Dakos we know and love today, because it is generally low in fathigh in protein and rich in nutrients with no preservatives.

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Cretan Dakos Bundle
€39,65 EUR

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