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Feta Premium Barrel Pyrgos PDO - around 3kg

Feta Premium Barrel Pyrgos PDO - around 3kg


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Product Description

This 3kg of Feta Premium Barrel Pyrgos PDO is ideal for large gatherings, as its rich quantity can keep everyone satisfied. It is aged for months in traditional wooden barrels in the Peloponnese region, enriching the taste and smell in unprecedented levels.

Nutritional Components


  • 100% goat and sheep milk
  • Minimum dry fat 43% maximum humidity 56%
  • Storage temperature: 0° C to 4° C

Nutritional Declaration

  • (per 100g) Energy 1145Kj/276kcal - Proteines 4.4g - Carbohydrates 1.1g - of which sugars 1.1g - Fat 22g - of which saturated 15g - Sodium 1.1g - Salt 2.5g - Calcium 386mg


  • Approx. 3000g (+-10%)

Useful Information

The Kalomoiris brand is located in Pyrgos Ilias, a place located in Peloponnese, one of the most experienced regions in dairy production. This feta has a tangy, fresh and briny flavor and a creamy yet crumbly texture.

Not only is it packed with protein and fat – both essential nutrients for individuals to feel full and energized – it is also easy on the gut, without causing any bloating. Probiotic yeasts in feta may lower the PH in the stomach, which results in a healthier gut and thus a better daily life.

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