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Feta tsantilas PDO - around 500g

Feta tsantilas PDO - around 500g

Greek Flavours

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Product Description

This 500g Feta tsantilas PDO cheese is an authentic Greek cheese, with a rich and traditional texture. Part of the PDO label, the cheese is aged in traditional string bags for several months, allowing the fibers to intertwine and create a unique flavor and texture. Enjoy the real taste of Greece with this PDO Feta cheese.

Nutritional Components


  • Pasteurized goat's milk, salt, culture, rennet, fat
  • Minimum dry fat 42% maximum humidity 57%

Nutritional Declaration

  • (per 100g) Energy 1238 KJ/296 Kcal - fat 23.5g - of which saturated 12.8g - carbohydrates 3g - of which sugar 3g - Proteins 18.1g - Salt 2.8g


  • Approx. 650g

Useful Information

With a light taste and high nutritional value, it brings the cheese tradition of Elassona directly to the table! "Tsantila" is a a type of a thin fabric bag hanging from the top that drains any excess whey or water through it, giving the feta a more distinct taste. This method although time-consuming, is absolutely rewarding when it comes to flavor and the whole sensory experience. It is characterized with a semi-hard texture and by a slightly spicy and pleasantly sour aftertaste.

Elassona combines the imposing landscape of Mt Olympus with monuments of exceptional cultural beauty and natural borders between the old and new town. The quality characteristics of Arvaniti dairy products are due to the particular soil and climate conditions of that mountainous area, with rich vegetation and a wide variety of plants, many of them aromatic. The animals that graze the areas of Elassona consume a wide variety of grasses, herbs and plants that positively impacts the taste and quality of their milk. Additionally, the antioxidant substances in many aromatic plants give a special aroma to the milk.

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