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Filo pastry for baklava - 3x450g

Filo pastry for baklava - 3x450g


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Product Description

Filo pastry for baklava is the perfect filo for making the famous baklava and other delicious Greek Sweets. It is made by top notch quality flour and it does not contain preservatives. It is ideal for making desserts with syrup (siropiasta) because the texture of the filo can absorb just the right amount of syrup to make it crunchy and delicious! It does not break when preparing your pastries and when baked it takes a rich golden color that will impress everyone!

To prepare the Baklava, place the filo pastry on a baking tray and fill it with chopped walnuts, cinnamon and butter. When it's baked, pour hot syrup on top, sprinkle some nuts of your choice and it is ready to serve it to your guest or enjoy it by yourself!



Nutritional Informationper 100gr
Energy value 1229 kJ / 289 Kcal
Fat 1.2 g
of which saturated0.2 g
Carbohydrates60.8 g
of which sugars0.2 g
Protein8.4 g
Salt1.1 g

Nutritional Components

Wheat flour, water, corn starch, salt, preservative: potassium sorbate 0.1%, dry deactivated yeast.
This product was processed on machinery that was used to process products containing milk and egg.

Useful Information

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Quantity: 3x450g

*Each item contains 11-12 sheets (37x50cm).

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Filo pastry for baklava - 3x450g
Filo pastry for baklava - 3x450g
€24,95 EUR

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