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Greek coffee frappe - 50g

Greek coffee frappe - 50g


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Product Description

Greek frappe is the summer official drink, to be tasted strictly cold and without any hurry. Try it in the comfortable 50g can that helps in saving the fragrance. Equivalent to about 15 cold frappè!

Nutritional Components

100% φυσικός καφές.

Useful Information


Prepare the classic Greek frappe is very easy:

  1. Pour one or two teaspoons of Nescafé into a large enough glass
  2. Depending on your personal taste, add sugar
  3. Add a bit of cold water
  4. With the help of a mixer "mount" it all for a few seconds
  5. Add as much ice as you want and a bit of water

Greek frappe is ready, we recommend using a straw sufficiently wide in order to let the dense cream get through!

Quantity : 50g

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