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Honey Cream with Mastic - 250g - Hellenic Grocery

Honey Cream with Mastic - 250g - Hellenic Grocery

Hellenic Grocery

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Product Description

Enjoy a unique taste experience with this 250g jar of Honey Cream with Mastic. Bringing together honey from flowers and mastic, this sweet treat offers a rich aroma and creamy texture. Perfect for pairing with cool salads, tea, yogurt, or just as an accompaniment to plain bread.

Nutritional Components

Useful Information

Ingredients: honey 99,99%, mastic 0,01%
Nutrition declaration (per 100g): Energy 1425kj/340kcal - Fat <0.2g - Carbohydrate 85.0g - of which sugars 85.0g - Fiber <0.5g - Salt <0.1g
Quantity: 250g

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