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Kalamata olives in brine - 3kg

Kalamata olives in brine - 3kg


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This 3kg package of Superior Kalamata olives in brine is ideal for restaurants, street foods, and home chefs. The brine provides superior storage and longer conservation of the olives. Enjoy the premium flavor and superior quality of Kalamata olives with this convenient, horeca-sized package.

Nutritional Components

Useful Information

Ingredients: Kalamata olives, water, sea salt, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, acidity regulator: lactic acid
Nutritional Declaration (per 100g): Energy 862kJ/208kcal - Fat 18.8g - Saturated 2.9g - Carbohydrates 8g - of which sugars 0g - Salt 5g
Quantity: 3kg

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