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Kebab - 400g

Kebab - 400g


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Kebab is one of the most known meat dishes. Its' name actually means ‘roasted meat’, giving a hint of what it's about. Beef and lamb ground meat are combined with tasty spices, based on the old traditional recipe, creating a unique tasting experience. You can enjoy your kebab with a sauce of your choice but you can also grill it and have it as a treat on your barbeque. Tip: Place one Kebab on a pita bread, include some tomatoes and onions, and of course tzatziki to make a version of the traditional Greek Souvlaki!


Useful Information

Ingredients: Beef 65%, mutton 10%, toast, onion, salt, natural spices, soy vegetable protein. Quantity: 400g

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Kebab - 400g
€8,95 EUR

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