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Ladotyri PDO Mitilini - approx 1.1kg

Ladotyri PDO Mitilini - approx 1.1kg

Greek Flavours

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Product Description

Ladotyri Mitilini is a traditional Greek hard cheese, produced with Protected Designation of Origin exclusively from the island of Mytilene. It is made with a skilful mix of sheep and goat milk. It has a particular cylindrical shape and matures for at least three months in cellars and cool rooms. Its name comes from the procedure of its aging, since after the 3 month aging period it is stored in olive oil. That gives this cheese its exceptional taste, the taste of Greece in a bite! It is an ideal cheese to be deep-fried in saganaki, but also its solid texture makes it ideal for grilling. Get the whole head of cheese of 1.1kg so you can share this exquisite cheese with all your friends and family. You can store it in the refrigerator and use it whenever you want!

Nutritional Components

Ingredients: Salt, Sheep and goat milk. Minimum fat 40%, maximum humidity 38%

Nutritional Value (per 100g): Energy 1747kJ/417kcal - Fat 34g - from which saturated 23g -Carbohydrates 0g - from which sugars 0g - Proteins 27g - Salt 2.2g - Calcium 942mg

Quantity: around 1.1kg

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Ladotyri PDO Mitilini - approx 1.1kg
Ladotyri PDO Mitilini - approx 1.1kg
€36,95 EUR

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