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LIMITED EDITION - Retsina Malamatina 6x500ml + 2 glasses

LIMITED EDITION - Retsina Malamatina 6x500ml + 2 glasses


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Product Description

Experience Greek culture with the LIMITED EDITION Retsina Malamatina 6x500ml with 2 glasses special offer. This limited edition package contains six bottles of the traditional, flavorful Retsina Malamatina and two original Malamatina glasses for an authentic Greek experience. Enjoy the true taste of Greece with this unique retsina.

Nutritional Components

Variety Identity

  • White Dry Wine
  • Grape varieties of Savatiano and Roditis
  • Produced by adding natural resin extracted from aleppo pine during fermentation.
  • Total tartaric acid: 5.5 gr/l
  • Remaining sugars: 1.7 gr/l
  • PH: 3.47
  • Contains sulfites
  • Vol: 11%


  • 6x500ml + x2 Retsina Malamatina Glasses
  • Approx. total 8000g

Useful Information

Retsina Malamatina's vinification procedures occur under strictly controlled temperatures and by selecting only the “flower must” from the grapes to create the wine’s unique color and fruity aroma. The addition of a small amount of pine resin during fermentation provides the famous retsina flavor.

The grape varieties used are planted in many parts of Greece, offering its wines that special aromatic intensity and pleasant acidity. This method has been followed by the brand for many generations since 1895 when it first started, and it has managed to become one of the most beloved retsinas in Greece.

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LIMITED EDITION - Retsina Malamatina 6x500ml + 2 glasses
€32,90 EUR

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