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Organic PDO Feta cheese - 150g

Organic PDO Feta cheese - 150g


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Product Description

Organic PDO Feta cheese is the crown jewel of Greek cuisine. With its Protected Designation of Origin, this cheese is made with 100% organic ingredients according to stringent processes. Enjoy it raw or in salads for a delicious and authentic Greek experience.

Nutritional Components


  • Feta from 100% organic sheep's milk from Epirus, Rennet, Salt, Lactic Acid
  • Storage temperature: + 2° C

Nutritional Declaration

  • (per 100g) Energy 1169kJ/282kcal - Fat 23.5g - from which saturated 17.1g -Carbohydrates 1.7g - from which sugars 0.3g - Proteins 15.9g - Salt 1.8g


  • Around 225g

Useful Information

This premium feta has a light sourish, salty flavor and a natural white color. It is a "biological product" as it is made from 100% organic milk from animals which are fed foods free of pesticides and other pollutants.

Consuming authentic cheeses like Karalis Organic PDO Feta has numerous health benefits as it is an excellent good source of calcium and protein. It also contains gut-friendly bacteria that are easy on the stomach an bowel movements as it also has fat that helps you feel full without gaining weight.

  • 17Organic
  • protected-designation-of-origin_1074d44f-2ecd-4197-a393-4aae23db8c5aPDO
  • 13_b52404ef-3e18-44b7-ae5c-19fd4b37e06dEpirus
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Organic PDO Feta cheese - 150g
Organic PDO Feta cheese - 150g
€5,85 EUR

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